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Handy Hints

Why Install an Energy Saver?
If your pump is controlled by an electronic device such as a Presscontrol©, the installing a GWS-ENERGYSAVER will not only save you money on electricity costs, but extends the life of
your pump. Because it stores energy as water pressure, it will reduce the pump start events by at least 50%, thus saving electricity and if the pump is running only ¬Ĺ as much, it will
last much longer!

Should I check the air in the Energy Saver?
The ENERGYSAVER device has a pre-charge of air, which is essential for it to work properly. This should be set at a pressure slightly lower than the start pressure of the pump (around 10%). To set this, the Energy Saver should be completely depleted of water, this can be done by turning the power off to the pump and the water supply from the tank. Then simply open a tap and let all the water run out of the line. Now any pressure left in the
Energy Saver will be the pre-charge, and you can check it simply by using a tyre gauge. With a ENERGY SAVER once the pre-charge is set, it normally does not require checking again ever!