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Energy Saving Devices

Quick Overview
This is an add on kit that can be installed with any Electronica Pump Controller, it is a base mount pressure tank kit that will enhance any PC type pump with the best features of a pressure pump. As a base mount kit the PC pump is mounted n top of the ENERGYSAVER and is simple to install. The kit is pre-charged with 130kpa of air and there is no requirement to modify or check the charge. there is no maintenance required on the unit. There is considerable potential for this unit to save energy and extend the pump life. Special Features . Substantially reduces electric power consumption by reducingsmall draw off pumps starts i.e. evaporative coolers, toilet flushes, leaks drip irrigation etc . Extends pump life by dramatically reducing wear on moving parts . Protects against heat expansion damage to pump bodies . Reduces noise from unnecessary pump starts . Eliminates motor burn outs and low flow cycling . No Maintenance. Does not require regular air charge checks . 5 Year warrantyfor guaranteed reliability . Supplied with easy to follow installation instructions . Eliminates pump body failures due to water hammer . Stops water leaking from hot water eliminating termite risk . Includes connection PUMPS SOLD SEPARATELY Sell the GWS ENERGYSAVER and help save the world

Technical Data Sheets


Product CodeDescription
FLE-ENERGYSAVER18V18V Tank, Wall Bracket + 'RAWL' Plugs
FLE-ENERGYSAVER18VB18V Tank, Plastic Base with 180 deg Plumbing slots+ 700MFECKIT Hose Kit inc Thread Tape + 3WT
FLE-ENERGYSAVER20HKit Contains 1 x FLE-PWS20H, + 700MFECKIT Hose Kit inc Thread Tape + 3WT
FLE-ENERGYSAVER2V2V Tank, Wall Bracket + 'RAWL' Plugs
FLE-ENERGYSAVER8V8V Tank, Wall Bracket + 'RAWL' Plugs

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