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KVCX Variable Frequency Drive Pressure Systems

Quick Overview
Vertical Multistage pump is suitable for use in small to medium water supply installations. Suitable for pressurization units, surge tank supply, rain irrigaiton and crop dusting systems, fire fighting and washing systems, conveyance of condensate and cooling water. . Innovative modern design .Flexibility, suitable for various pump types . All components in contact with drinkable water are completely stainless steel . Robost construction - Features in -line suction and discharge ports . Intergrated air degassing system . 2 year DAB Warranty . DAB Pumps Made in Italy

Technical Data Sheets


Product CodeDescription
DAB-KVCX30/50AD0.55kW, 0.8hp, 240V, c/w ActiveDriverMM1.1
DAB-KVCX30/80AD0.80kw, 1.1hp, 240V, c/w ActiveDriverMM1.1
DAB-KVCX35/120AD1.10kW, 1.5hp, 240V, c/w ActiveDriverMM1.1
DAB-KVCX35/30AD0.45kW, 0.6hp, 240V, c/w ActiveDriverMM1.1
DAB-KVCX45/120MAD1.85kW, 2.5hp, c/w ActiveDriverMT2.2
DAB-KVCX45/120TAD1.85kW, 2.5hp, c/w ActiveDriverTT3.0
DAB-KVCX45/80AD1.10kW, 1.5hp, 240V, c/w ActiveDriverMM1.1
DAB-KVCX50/30AD0.75kW, 1.0hp, 240V, c/w ActiveDriverMM1.1
DAB-KVCX55/50AD1.00kw, 1.36hp, 240V, c/w ActiveDriverMM1.1
DAB-KVCX55/80MAD1.50kW, 2.0hp, c/w ActiveDriverMT2.2
DAB-KVCX55/80TAD1.50kW, 2.0hp, c/w ActiveDriverTT3.0
DAB-KVCX60/120MAD2.2kW, 3.0hp, c/w ActiveDriverMT2.2
DAB-KVCX60/120TAD2.2kW, 3.0hp, c/w ActiveDriverTT3.0
DAB-KVCX65/80MAD2.2kW, 3.0hp, c/w ActiveDriverMT2.2
DAB-KVCX65/80TAD2.2kW, 3.0hp, c/w ActiveDriverTT3.0
DAB-KVCX70/30AD1.00kw, 1.36hp, 240V, c/w ActiveDriverMM1.1

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