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S4C - Three Phase

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Technical Data Sheets


Product CodeDescription
DAB-S4C13T415 Complete Pump, 0.75kW
DAB-S4C19T415 Complete Pump, 1.1kW
DAB-S4C25T415 Complete Pump, 1.5kW
DAB-S4C32T415 Complete Pump, 2.2kW
DAB-S4C39T415 Complete Pump, 2.2kW
DAB-S4C45T415 Complete Pump, 3kW
DAB-S4C51T415 Complete Pump, 3kW
DAB-S4C6T415 Complete Pump, 0.37kW
DAB-S4C9T415 Complete Pump, 0.55kW

List prices are recommended and exclude GST. There is no obligation to comply with the recommended list. Freight charges will vary in each state contact your local dealer for pricing. Prices and specifications and performance are subject to change without notice.