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Small Flow K Series

Quick Overview
Single stage pumps for domestic, civil, industrial and agricultural applications. Ideal for rivers, tanks and dams and water transfer applications. Constructed from high quality Cast iron for corrosion resistance. . 2 year pump parts & labour warranty

Technical Data Sheets


Product CodeDescription
DAB-K12-200M0.75kW, 1.0hp, 240V, 2 Pole
DAB-K12-200T0.75kW, 1.0hp, 415V, 2 Pole
DAB-K20-41M0.37kW, 0.5hp, 240V, 2 Pole
DAB-K30-100M1.1kW, 1.5hp, 240V, 2 Pole
DAB-K30-70M0.75kW, 1.0hp, 240V, 2 Pole
DAB-K36-100M1.85kW, 2.5hp, 240V, 2 Pole
DAB-K55-200T4.0kW, 5.5hp, 415V, 2 Pole

List prices are recommended and exclude GST. There is no obligation to comply with the recommended list. Freight charges will vary in each state contact your local dealer for pricing. Prices and specifications and performance are subject to change without notice.